Mars in Gemini

Flirtatious, talkative, and light Mars in Gemini is always flying through the air with the ears open and their smiles bright. This sign is a bit of a jokester and finds life to be fun if there is some game-like quality to it. Very inquisitive and intelligent these signs are always interested in the mind. Conversation is important to them as much as anything else in life. They enjoy talking about subjects in an airy way and ponder life with a question mark.


Survival and animal instincts are found in Mars. This planet represent war, drive and determination. Also, Mars depicts our sexual desires and passion. Action and energy live by this aggressive planet.

color: red

metal: iron

crystal: bloodstone



The clever and spiritual Gemini is an air sign. Communication is this signs strong suit. They are always able to make a unique point and work hard to get along with others. Gemini is rapid and witty making them many friends. Social gatherings make Gemini come alive. They are able to keep a conversation going.. no matter what!

element: air

planet: mercury

quality: mutable

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