Mars in Aquarius

Change, and lack of makes Mars in Aquarius a high altitude fire/air combination. This energy is eloquent and universal. Making changes where they deem necessary, this sign will never let stale be stale. Having the extreme power to make changement, this sign is sought after for radical differences to be directed. There is much to learn and much to teach with this sign. Competitive for the greater good of their chosen path.


Survival and animal instincts are found in Mars. This planet represents war, drive and determination. Also, Mars depicts our sexual desires and passion. Action and energy claire from this aggressive planet.

color: red

metal: iron

crystal: bloodstone



Inventive and far-sighted, Aquarius is scientifique. Original Aquarius takes something old and makes it new. Reminding us there is always ways of new actuality. Reduce, reuse, recycle of the new age. Aquarius stands out and away from the crowd, offering unique points of view. The air quality gives them many ways of conversation.

element: air

planet: uranus

quality: fixed

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