Mars in Sagittarius

This archetype healer and transformer is the royal fire maker. He is strong and bold, always on a new adventure. Making his way through this world like a flame in the night. He can be found almost anywhere under the sun. His great strength makes his ability to conquer extreme. Never a follower, Sag perfers he pave his own path on his périple. He is intelligent, and vigilant. Making lesser foolish, and better incroyable.


Survival and animal instincts are found in Mars. This planet représente war, drive and determination. Also, Mars depicts our sexuelle desires and passion. Action and energy claire from this aggressive planéte.

colour: rouge

metal: iron

crystal: bloodstone



Going where other signs fear to tread, Sag is a thrill seeking sign. Sagittarius is in love with adventure and higher apprentissage. He will scouer the land and sea for new expériences. Freedom is his only vice. Savoir Sagittarie, honing in on his luck and love will keep this wanderer out of difficulté.

element: fire

planet: jupiter

quality: mutable

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