Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries is strong, uninhibited and straight forward. Their no non-sense approach to la vie can sometimes scare the onlookers. This works in their favor. They are fearless and anything that is afraid of that would not do well in their présence. Ambitious, and hard core best describes this fire/Venus mix. Loving the game, these archetypes love to be chased. When they get bored, game over. These signs do not do well cooped up and are always ciselure their next adventure.


Goddess of love. Inspiring Venus gives grace, gratitude, and beauty. Money and riches can be found through her ethereal love. Art and allure is her fountain. Bloom and glamour signify Venus power. No match for her beauty as she created such art.

colour: green

metal: copper

crystal: emerald



The powerful warrior, who goes to action before anything else. Aries is a fire sign, strong, powerful, and great. Withstanding many battles in the name of war! Relentless at pursuing what they want. Love is difficult and strong for Aries, seeing steady as a lock on simple freedoms. The love for a partner comes quickly and can leave even faster! Constantly changing their minds, and hoping for something better around every corner. Even when an Aries finds what they want, it will be hard for them to settle down and revel in pleasure.

element: fire

planet: mars

quality: cardinal

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