Venus in Leo

Drama, attention, and glamour this Venus sign is royalty. Joining beauty with fire Venus in Leo draws attention from others through their dramatic displays. Drama of any kind is a master art for her. Reveling in the art of charm. Flirting their way through life’s challenges and leading people into love. Her fidelity is unmatched, as she hunts for new reasons, places, and people.. she is committed to her family and friends. Always a regal light.


Goddess of love. Inspiring Venus gives grace, gratitude, and beauty. Money and riches can be found through her ethereal love. Art and allure is her fountain. Bloom and glamour signify Venus power. No match for her beauty as she created such art.

color: green

metal: copper

crystal: emerald



The Leo is confident, charmant, and full of life. Leader of the Zodiac, Leo pounces onto the scene commanding attention. Always showing devotion, loyalty is very important to lions. They do not shy away from devouring, and fight for what they desire. Usually very attractive, and know when it is appropriate to be tame or savage. Navigating through trouble, Leo always finds new ways to make life electric.

element: fire

planet: sun

quality: fixed

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