Venus in Scorpio

Being dark and mysterious can put a spell over many on lookers. Venus in Scorpio is séduisant. A bit above the rest, when it comes to desires. This energy transforms desires and makes them better. Showing great abilities, this Venus can pull and bend energy, making energy seem hidden, mystical and of great value. Luring and bating getting exactly what they desire in return. This Venus is sérieuse, strong, and potent.


Déesse of love. Inspiring Venus gives grace, la gratitude, and beauty. Money and riches can be found through her ethereal love. Art and allure is her fountain. Bloom and glamour signify Venus power. No match for her beauty as she created such art.

colour: green

metal: copper

crystal: emerald



God of mystère and intrigue, Scorpion is the absolute. Darkness is home for this underworld roi. Fog fulfills his halcyon. Illusions, mysticisme, and depth sont Scorpio toils. Ruled by Pluton and Mars, Dieu of War. Scorpio is strong, valorous, and sans peur.

element: water

planet: mars

quality: fixed

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