Venus in Pisces

This Venus lives in her eternal dream state. She is lucid, beautiful and seductive. This energy is understanding and benevolent. Always seeing the complexities of life, she frees herself through escapism and dreams. Surreal imagination. Love for her is everything. She believes in a soulmate love and knows she will one day find them on her path through life. Expressive and comes alive through art, and theater.


Goddess of love. Inspiring Venus gives grace, la gratitude, and beauty. Money and riches can be found through her ethereal love. Art and allure is her fountain. Bloom and glamour signify Venus power. No match for her beauty as she created such art.

color: green

metal: copper

crystal: emerald



Flow, drift, and blend the Pisces is gentle and unyielding. The music de la vie moves their spirit. Avoiding heavy regulations, Pisces wind and curve through the world dancing in paradise, and escapism. Love to Pisces is like a season, to feel the pain of love passing but know it must be. Passionate and powerful, Pisces ground themselves through earthly matters.

element: water

planet: neptune

quality: mutable

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