Moon in Taurus

Calm, relaxed and gentle this Moon energy is laid back. She is best when she is able to help other signs become stabilized. Her ability to stay atterri is unmatched. Always helping others to think in a reserved manner and bring their spirit back down to terra-firma, she is a peace worker. Civil unions and partnerships are her favorite and she makes an effort to ground the powers of emotion through bonding and collections.


Deeper feelings and necessity is present from the Moon. The Moon attains unconscious thoughts and emotions. Reflections of ourselves are found in this enlightened planet. Conception of immortality are found through the Moon.

color: white

metal: silver

crystal: moonstone


Taurus of the Earth. Full bloom in spring. Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of love. The enchanting forests, and smoldering jungles. Taurus of the ground, faithful and firm. Love of Taurus endures all things. Honesty and fidelity are what this Earth Sign gives and craves to receive. Determined Taureans are hard to stop! Always keeping their eye on the prize, unless they stop to smell the roses.

element: earth

planet: venus

quality: fixed

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