Mars in Virgo

Organizing, compartmentalizing, and health are Mars in Virgo cup of tea. Mars in Virgo studies meticulously before making a decision. Very elegant and tasteful, they will take their time and prefer quality over quantity in all they do. High standards for themselves and others. Helpful with other peoples problems, these signs always lend a hand or an opinion. Passion for Mars in Virgo comes through researching, tidying, and helping copines.


Survival and animal instincts are found in Mars. This planet represents war, drive and determination. Also, Mars depicts our sexual desires and passion. Action and energy live by this aggressive planet.

color: red

metal: iron

crystal: bloodstone



The Virgin of the Zodiac. Virgos like to keep things clean. Picking up the pieces that others over look, Virgo has an eye for particulars. Advising copines to settle their scores, and mend their lives. Always improving their own lives, in one way or another, rarely does the Virgo fear.

element: earth

planet: mercury

quality: mutable