Moon in Scorpio

This energy lives for mystery and intrigue. Finding simple things to be boring, this moon sign will always look for a way to dream profound and love deeply. Depth of emotion is important to the Moon in Scorpio. A high tolerance for pain, this sign goes through many extremes in life. They take relations, and love seriously. Betrayal cuts like a knife to this sign, making them turn cold. Trust and respect keeps this sign warm and fulfilled.


Deeper feelings and necessity is present from the Moon. The Moon attains unconcious thoughts and emotions. Reflections of ourselves are found in this enlightened planet. Conception of immortality are found through the Moon.

colour: white

metal: silver

crystal: moonstone


God of mystery and intrigue, Scorpion is the absolute. Darkness is home for this underworld roi. Fog fulfills his halcyon. Illusions, mysticism, and depth is where Scorpio toils. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Dieu of War. Scorpio is strong, valorous, and powerful.

element: water

planet: mars

quality: fixed