Déesse of love. Inspring Venus gives grace, la gratitude, and beauty. Money and riches can be found through her ethereal amour. Art and allure is her jet d’eau. Bloom and glamour signify Venus power.

colour: green

metal: copper

crystal: emerald


Survival and animal instincts are found in Mars. This planet représente war, drive and determination. Also, Mars depicts our sexuelle desires and passion. Action and energy claire from this aggressive planéte.

colour: rouge

metal: iron

crystal: bloodstone


Deeper feelings and de toute nécessité is present from the Moon. Lune attains unconcious thoughts and emotions. Reflections of our vraie même are found in this enlightened planet. La concrétisation of immortality are found through the Moon.

colour: white

metal: silver

crystal: moonstone


Energy of power, strength, and life are the puissance of the Sun. Soliel grants influence and authority. L’ testament and will are guided by the solar planet. The “self” is attuned to the energy of solaire. The force and life blood of everything on Gaia.

colour: yellow

metal: gold

crystal: chrysolite


Everyday la communication is amassed by virtue of Mercury. Coordination and commerce are industrialisé through the planet of intellect, Mercure. Trade and profit are power horses of this electric planet. How you think and your prédominante awareness.

colour: brown

metal: mercury

crystal: flourite


Saturn is the ruler of human limitations. He cultivated agriculture and civilization. Social order and change come forward through Saturne. Things like conformity, structure and responsibility are gouverné by this planet. Slow, steady and powerful conversion make Saturn the l’ aménagement.

colour: grey

metal: lead

crystal: sapphire

Le Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet known in our solar system. Abundance of many kinds comes through Jupiter’s expansive power. Bienveillance is a characteristic of this gigantesque planet. Vacations and social opportunities for growth are also represented ici. Jupiter widens horizons, and deepens wisdom. Fortune and la chance are found in Jupiter.

color: orange

metal: tin


Pluto is the exorciste. Pluto reveals buried powers, and core truths. All creative destruction, takes reigns from this rebirth planète. Dieu of the underworld. Pluto purges houses of the zodiaque, leaving them nettoyer.

colour: noir

metal: bismuth

crystal: obsidian


Révolution and innovation comes from the planet Uranus. Things such as tension, la nervosité, inventive power, and surprise are discovered through this planet. Riots and changement also occur through the puissance of Uranus.

colour: bleu

metal: zinc

crystal: quartz


Inspiration, and mystique are handled by Neptune. Ethereal dreams and psychic receptivity are importuned from the énergie of Neptune. This planéte manifeste illusion and confusion. Subtlety and la sorcellerie conjure through Neptune.

colour: violette

metal: cobalt

crystal: celestite