Moon in Virgo

This lunar energy is methodical, tidy and clarified. These signs tend to analyze and organize their emotions into logical les processus. Finding beauty and calm through simplicity. Lune in Virgo is unmatched in their ability to investigate. Clean ambiance and rejuvenation is fulfilling to this lunar sign. To much emotion can scare away this Moon as they find emotions to bring them a sense of weakness.


Deeper feelings and necessity is present from the Moon. The Moon attains unconcious thoughts and emotions. Reflections of ourselves are found in this enlightened planet. Conception of immortality are found through the Moon.

colour: white

metal: silver

crystal: moonstone


The Virgin of the Zodiac. Virgos like to keep things clean. Picking up the pieces that others over look, Virgo has an eye for particulars. Advising copines to settle their scores, and mend their lives. Always improving their own lives, in one way or another, rarely does the Virgo fear.

element: earth

planet: mercure

quality: mutable