Moon in Capricorn

Sophisticated emotions and technical knowledge about feelings, these signs are serious minded. Emotions for them relate to their relevant life experiences. Solid and unwavering they tend to be stable and calm when dealing with complex situations that could make others freight.


Deeper feelings and necessity is present from the Moon. The Moon attains unconcious thoughts and emotions. Reflections of ourselves are found in this enlightened planet. Concert of immortality are found through the Moon.

colour: white

metal: silver

crystal: moonstone


Constructer renegade, Capricorne boasts of successes wise beyond years. Taking something and making it new. Cap is the epicenter for architecture of the mind. Multi-faceted and able to see the bigger project ahead. Strong willed and hard working. Life is career to cardinal earth sign. Structure and conformity are easy for Capricorn.

element: earth

planet: saturn

quality: cardinal


Abundance is found by the Moonstone with connection to divine feminine. Advancing digestive health and reproduction. Patience is enhanced by the Moonstone. While mental balance is restored. This stone activates the third eye and crown chakra. Knowledge of self is elevated. Intensifying intuition, the Moonstone boosts psychic abilities and strengthens hope in the wearer.